Lost food bundle

Pressed use on my large food bundle from P£££ of Valour and no update was made to my food. Medium food bundle worked.

The bundles should go to your inventory under the utility tab

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They did, I retrieved the small and medium, but when pressed used on the large, the bundle left the inventory and no food was added.

Did you submit a ticket?

Thank Chef, but I don’t know how. Last time I had an issue, I followed the support link and easily submitted a ticket. This time the link bought me here, wherever here is with no obvious way to raise a bug, clearly a conspiracy from the developers to keep the bug count down

Maybe not enough food storage capacity?
Idk used all with no problem.

No there was adequate capacity, I had emptied it knowing it was going to be refilled. Even so, If not enough capacity I would expect it to either gracefully tell me and leave the bundle unchanged, or fill the storage and throw away the unused food, not make no change to the food and remove the bundle from the inventory.

Look at your Recent Activity. It should show that you used it. Then send a support ticket

How do I view recent activity?
How do I raise a ticket?

@Glawsder; see here for how to #contact-support

Found recent activity. Still don’t know how to raise a support ticket. There is no obvious place on the support site after I have logged in.

Thanks guvnor our posts crossed.


Thanks all for your help ticket raised. Path of valour shows 4 food bundles gained, inventory shows none left to claim, but recent activity only shows 3 bundles consumed… Hmm

Hopefully they can help you

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