Lost flags in war without fighting

I started fighting in a war and two times in a row the game showed connection error, after that I lost two flags and two of my strongest teams are out of war without even starting a fight. Happened around 10 minutes ago (20:05, GMT+2).

Unfortunately, you’re not going to get those flags back or Your Heroes. Once you start a fight, or once you initialize it, if you lose connection before the fight ends you get a zero. That’s there to prevent people from forcing a disconnect if they get a bad starting board so they can start over. It’s unfortunate that honest people end up suffering because of it, but no system is perfect. I hope you get outstanding boards for the rest of your teams.


I see, thank you. Well it was still worth reporting, as there were no issues with connection during any other fights or on any other devices in the house and the “connection error” message would only show up when I would start a fight in the war. Anyway, great precaution mechanism, and thanks again for your reply!


There have been issues like that before, and when they’re widely reported, SG may cancel the war. See if anyone else is having the same problem.

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