Lost faith in E&P


Today I have finally lost faith that E&P would get better. I am sitting at 298 gems had a monster chest to fill, filled the chest hoping for enough gems to get to 300 and an epic hero pull, and foolish me, what did I get 1 GEM.


I dont want to sound insensitive, but are you being serious right now?

Is the fact that you only got 1 gem and won’t get at least another one for 12h hours really that big of a deal?
Is the fact that this great injustice happened to you really worth a post with such a bombastic head line?

I’ll tell you what.
I’ve lost faith in YOU.

If the game is so terrible that the only thing you can ever write about is how the devs don’t listen to you, how terrible the mechanics are and how frustratingly low the drop rates are and how much frustration and anger all of this causes you, I have a solution for you.


If you don’t want to quit and still feel this game is worth playing. Then smile. Temper your posts. Try looking at things from a “glass half full”-perspective.


Wow for some one who didn’t t want to sound insensitive you did hurt my feelings LOL, no I was just saying that as a norm when you fill a monster or hero chest you generally get at least 2 gems, and as for quitting the game I like many outhers have thought about that very thing for some time,. I have played for almst 8 months now and have seen things steadily decline, when was the last time you or any one. Else saw a epic hero token, Titan loot has declined, heroes nerfed.


My reply wasnt supposed to hurt your feelings, simply point out that you’re acting like an idiot.

And who cares how long you’ve been playing? It’s your current behaviour that matter’s here and now.


I get Epic Hero tokens once a week at least. Just randomly from wanted missions.


Glad to here that some one is. Lucky you


@fledoble as does yours