Lost Energy and Titan Energy

It is pretty annoying when you level up and get punished for it. With the energy and Titan energy caps I always end up losing my earned energy. Can’t we just receive 1 Energy and Titan energy refills in our inbox or inventory? I’ve lost countless amounts of energy by levelling up. :pensive:

Flasks would definitely be preferable. Why don’t you use your energy prior to leveling up?


I try to but many times I just start battling. As do many of my Alliance. I’m level 65 and yet checking how close I am to the next level still hasn’t become a habit. I feel It shouldn’t be something we have to do. It should just automatically go to our inbox.

I mean I won’t need it much now that I’m level 65 but l still feel like I’m losing out.

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I certainly have to remove my vote here so I can use it elsewhere but I still support this idea; we should be awarded with refill flasks instead of being completely refilled automatically when we level up.