Lost: do you know this player? Epic Daggers needs your help

Unfortunately, someone left the door open and a 4 of our players have escaped.

They are active players, hit titans daily (currently fight 8-9*) are war ready, English speaking and use line to communicate. Player levels range from 20 and up

They have a solid bench of heroes, they help our smaller players advance, some are chatty and some not so much but they still do their job.

They are loyal, friendly, fun loving folk who have real lives outside of the game but let people know if they will be inactive.

They share their joy in their game achievements, they grumble about poor rewards and pulls. They are like family to us.

Do you know this person/s? Does it sound like you?
If so, please contact us on 1800- EPIC DAGGERS.

There is a reward for finding them, but you’ll have to join to see what it is :wink:

Due to inactivity, we have a couple of spots open again now. Drop in, say hello.

What we are looking for…

Commitment! Someone who’s prepared to do their bit for the TEAM. Real life takes precedence, but that doesn’t mean you don’t opt out of war etc if you will be unavailable, if you are in you are in. Doesn’t take much to use your hits. Sometimes the unforeseeable happens which leads us to…

COMMUNICATION. You don’t have to be a chatterbox, you don’t have to even chat. But read the featured massages and just drop a line in if things come up.

WAR READY. If you participate in war, use of all flags is a must.

TITANS. Use all available flags to take these suckers down unless it’s called off. Then only hit if you need to for loot.

ENJOYMENT. We want people who love this game as much as us. Who want to be a part of something really good. We have a great core group, we have some fantastic smaller players working up through the ranks. Come help us be better