Lost dimonds

Stracilem wszystkie diamenty jak wyslac raport mialem ich 300

Several things:

  1. The official language of the Forum is English; the only exception is the Foreign Language section, though game support there is not guaranteed.

  2. Regarding your question: It sounds like you bought an Epic or Elemental Hero. Their cost is exactly 300 gems.

Kilka rzeczy:

1) Językiem oficjalnym Forum jest angielski; jedynym wyjątkiem jest sekcja Języki obce, chociaż obsługa gier nie jest gwarantowana.

2) Jeśli chodzi o Twoje pytanie: brzmi to tak, jakbyś kupił epickiego lub elementarnego bohatera. Ich koszt wynosi dokładnie 300 klejnotów.

I was 297 diamonds a few days. Now i have 20 diamonds.

be sure you didn’t used it for faster building level up or summon

Yes im sure. I was error server and i see only 20 diamonds. I will buy legendary units only i use only 4 diamonds too fast bulding only.

If you are CERTAIN you didn’t accidentally spend gems in one of the myriad ways it is possible to do, then I would contact the game directly about it:


However, be advised, I’d go with screenshots if you have them. :wink:

Today, after the war alliances disappeared from my account over 2000 gems.What happened? How to recover?

To check and see what your account has purchased, check this FAQ for instructions on how to retrieve your information:


For assistance on your mystery disappearance of gems, please contact SG directly:


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