Lost & Confused - help me learn how to play

Hello everyone, I’m Trig.

I’m about as new as you can get and am looking for tips or guides which help an almost clueless beginner. The guides and tips I have read are way above my level.

I have no idea what they are talking about.

Also, I am disabled and cannot afford to spend money on an app game. Can anyone guide me through the absolute beginning of Empires & Puzzles?

My stronghold is currently 8th level and my level is 11.


@zephyr1 can you link some stuff? Your wizardry is unparalleled. I don’t even know how to do it. A good one that comes to mind is @NPNKY post “all the things I wish someone told me when I started”

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Well in my experience this game takes time and patience. Just try to make weapons. Play games in the map. Try to hit in the ears or fight the titans. Try to do the quests. Fight in the war and the raids. Level up heros Give 2* the extra 1 * heros you have, and I wish you good luck !!!


Here is a very good start for Beginners

Good ole Coppersky guide


Sure, here’s that one to start: Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

And here’s a list of beginner guides:


Welcome!! You’ve come to a great place. Lots of patient individuals wanting and willing to help!


This thread may be listed somewhere in that list but it’s important enough to be highlighted


Welcome to the fórum.

first of all: In this game you don´t lose anything, your progress may be slower but never wrecked, so don´t worry much about mistakes, is part of the process.


You have noticed that you have12 or 3 kind of flags on top of your screen, it is the energy available for each game mode.

They are World energy, Raid energy and Titan energy.

World energy allow you to fight in world map and adventures (IIRC adventures unlock at level 12)

Don´t worry much about going through the map, avoid using ítems at first, they are very expensive for what you can produce.

Raid energy the assault you can perform, at first rerolling is ruining, so try to fight what you meet, don´t worry about the cups, focus on learn (If you press over the hero you see their stats and skill)

Titan energy: The attack on titans you can perform, only available if you are in an Alliance, join one ASAP if you aren´t already, hit the titan, don´t worry if you get killed it is a team work. you Will get reward and resources very helpful.

WAR energy: This is a different pvp mode from assault, You have 3 flags and 3 after 12 hours in a 24 hours match. You can´t use same hero twice (you can use duplicates) So you need 30 héroes to give all your effort in war. I suggest you to uncheck the participación if you aren´t ready, it is very important to use all your attacks.

Feel free to ask any question in this thread.

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I took the liberty of editing the title of your thread because I think it could become a road map for helping other new players, as well!

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Sorry guys I hope I’m in the right place . I’m new to the game just want to know . Should I level my characters 1st or ascend them .or doesn’t it matter ?

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I just want to clarify … do you mean should you max a heroes skill (8/8) before you ascend them?

You must level first them to the max before ascending them. You won´t be able to ascend Layla if she isn´t at her peak level. 1.20 2.30 3.40 (max)

When you read the forum you´ll see the level of a character like this: Needler 1.20 1 is the ascensión tier and 20 the level. A 2.1 is stronger tan a 1.20

Don´t bother leveling 1 star héroes.

oppp i like thí game :v

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Make weapons? how does one make weapons? I haven’t seen anything in crafting.

Thank you! I don’t mind at all. If this thread can help others, I’m all for it. :grin:

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I think they are referring to crafting battle items like axes and arrows. You can never have too many of them, even if you think you already have hundreds, there will always be something to fight that’s too challenging without them.

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Thank you, Princess1.

I am also thankful for all the posts in this thread. This forum is extremely helpful and I appreciate it.

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