Lost battlefield, point and Heroes

At about 8 pm Australian daylight time. I was on my final shot when i received an error message. The enemy completly respawned , i lost my heroes, my war eanergy and any points earned. The screen went off battle into prep for about a minute. One other of my alliance Tigers Lair, noiced the error. Luckily he was waiting for a finishing shot butfid log it on our chat
The alliance was Husaria Demonow and the opponent was Zaczarowanae with a def power of 3524. Add that to my heroes and a wasted attack it is a considerable cost to me and the Tigers Lair which could cost us the war.
If Bodi in USA hadn’t commented i would have blamed our local nets. But this happening o the same alliance in two seperate countries means that what was fixed, wasnt. Or you have a new bug Which just may cost ud the AW
It happened so fast i didnt think to log it. Coud you please credit my win, debit zazx" loss or suspend the game, with compensation as happened last time. As i was on my winning shot pro rata compensation would be fair. Especially as that was likely to be our critical points shot

The guy i got cheated on on was worth 57 we lost by 20. Not happy.
I see lots got this bug.
Review and repairing results

Имею такую же проблему и мои соаловцы

I have the same problem and my co-workers

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Many people have reported this bug here. We have been ignored, much less reimbursed.
Game is screwed

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