Lost alliance members - White Island?

RaggedOne and his wife ++BitsyPookums++ told me back in October that they’d be on holidays from early November to mid December in New Zealand and they’d be back not long after.

I still haven’t heard from them.

Now this is a terrible thought and I don’t really want to say it but I’m a bit worried that they went to White Island when it erupted on 9 Dec as I can’t see why they would just disappear like that.

I understand they lived in France/Germany but could have been Americans (need to double check this)

I’m not sure why I’m starting this thread but I suppose it’s a twofold purpose:

  1. We may get to a stage where I’m forced to remove Ragged and Bitsy from the alliance by the end of Jan and I just wanted to record my thinking here in case they happen to see this post - - although I will probably make it clear in discord too where Ragged is on.

  2. Does anybody know what they would do in this situation? It seems a bit wrong to assume the worst but I know that a few tourists from around the world got caught up with the terrible happenings over there. I don’t know who they are in real life so there is no way for me to check if they are ok. Query whether it’d be right for me to do some amateur investigations purely out of concern? I am obviously just naturally concerned but am not sure what I should do.

Thanks for any replies

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@FrenziedEye For what it is worth, the probability it is them is so very small that it is unlikely, but then again we all know about probability here. If it is them, then removal from a game alliance is the least of their worries. If it is not them, then they owe you the courtesy of their word that they would return and you would be well within your rights to remove them.
I do not think that any efforts on you part to find them would yield much.


I’m not sure there. Best bet would be to reach out via Discord and see if you get a response. They may be having issues with their accounts/access so that might explain the absence.

Beyond that, we sometimes forge bonds with players that while we know them by a screen name it feels much more and therefore concern isn’t out of line. Without knowing their names, a search probably isn’t going to turn up much. Even if you did, it gets dicey launching an investigation. I’d probably steer clear of that to avoid opening a can of worms.


Thanks both, will likely adopt a wait and see approach. Not much I can do I suspect

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From local media, there weren’t too many americans on the island when it erupted - most were from a cruise ship that was in port in Tauranga.

Without knowing their names it would be hard to search.

However: On 15 December it was announced that the death toll had risen to sixteen. The fatalities were identified as thirteen Australian tourists, three Americans and two New Zealand men who worked as guides for White Island Tours

Of the names of the US injured and deceased - not seemed to be of french/german origin.

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Thanks, they may have been expats though (?)

I think your scenario is unlikely


Thanks I saw that article but did not see a full list of the injured which I understand has grown since that article

Keeping this here for the record


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