Lost all tourney defenses - bug?

Lost three attacks so far but have 17 out of 17 losses on defense. Defense team is mono green. It’s not the best defense but thought I should win a couple at least?

Do you have other 4* with emblems?

I think the matching is against your strongest possible team, rather than the strength of your defence :thinking:

I may be misremembering.

If you have other 4* with emblems, your opponents may be based on those stronger heroes.

From my perspective, completely within expectations.

I guess you should win at least one on defense, but consider this:

Your defense team has no emblems whatsoever. Emblemed 4* are almost at the power level of 5*. So if opponents attack you with heavily emblemed offensive teams, no wonder you lost.

Being monogreen doesn’t necessarily mean that opponents have bad attacks against you. On the contrary - they have no weak attacks at all, unless they focus heavily on blue of course. You’ve literally given your opponent the opportunity of no wasted attacks. As I see it now, any opponent can easily beat you with, say, a heavy-purple, heavy-green or heavy-yellow team since they would have no weak attacks against your monogreen defense.

Edit: And of course, there remains the thing with your troops. If your opponent has highly-leveled 3* attack troops (not many players do, but still) and you rely on level 1 3* defense troops, that would also explain things.

Is this Kasshrek with CB but not with costume?
If so, here you have your explanation.

Your opponent could just feed him with tiles as long as all of his heroes are loaded and kill your team one by one easily.

Good point. I have rigard, boldtusk, falcon etc at max emblems, so my best team is a lot stronger than that. You would still think someone would get a bad board? My heal and dispel should be reasonably good at keeping the enemy occupied.

The number of attacks and the number of losses is also not something I have experienced before.

Totally agree on the emblems. Still a disproportionate amount of losses, don’t you think?

Disagree on not giving them any weak options. Red is out, so all other colour combinations are sub-optimal.

No it’s Kashrek with the Costume on.

Emblems + high level troops will keep opponent’s heroes alive until the player can rearrange the bad board. Your heal and dispel mean almost nothing, believe me. Yep, there are players that would actually go for the “buff booster” effect, but there are others (like me) for example who would actually rely on dispel + snipe effects. And if your opponent(s) have 3+ powerful snipers + dispellers like Sonya or Caedmon for example, your defense strategy is blown to bits.

I think that your team should’ve won some battles. Besides, there aren’t bad offensive heroes. However, a Kashrek tank (even with costume) isn’t dangerous for me, although it boosts heal. It’s just a wall to which I can match tiles without fear. I find more threatening an offensive tank rather than a passive one.

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I have to say this is weird. Normally, if defense are lost about 6-10 times in row. There will be no more attack. It sometime happen to me in 3* tournament which I have no 3* with emblem but never more than 10 lost.
Your defense is actually not bad set up for 4* no emblem(Kash tank with 3 sniper). I also you believe you should’ve won at least one.

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I agree that is a good strategy. Although, I have made it to fourth place in tourney by using the buff booster effect.

While your strategy would explain a larger proportion of losses, it’s still highly unlikely that all my opponents were that succesful? A bad board can ruin it for all of us.

True, as I said, I believe you should’ve won at least one.

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I’ve won the first defense on the first day, between yesterday and today I lost a dozen defenses in a row. Bad luck? I don’t know… between the last tournaments where I didn’t even get attacked and this torunament, defenses are always so f-----d up…

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I used this team:

and I’m 0 for 6 on defense, too.

I’m starting to think you should never go mono on tourney defense, even based on the disallowed color. I always seem to get screwed when I try.

It’ll probably try a 3/1/1 stack for tournaments going forward.

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Yeah, I also think mono is not a good strategy.

I’m not too bothered about my tourney ranking. Just thought something looked fishy and wondered if it happened to someone else too.

Don’t think it is a bug with costume kashrek, i went against him in an attack and lost. Guess what we put around him is more important.

I think the problem is the matching system. I think the system think that more green team is stronger than less green team with same team power and same grade. When some people lose to D grade defense, there is very high chance that their opponent will be your defense.

I think the matching system also match opponent base on something like “top 10 you most powerful 4*”. Because you have some +20 4*, the attacked will always have some +20 4* too.

And you are targeted by the matching system. Mean you have higher chance to be attacked more than normal people (like me. My defense are attacked by 30+ times now in day 3)

Combine these factor, it can make you lost 10+ times in row.

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@Battleschwein Could you check that are there any attacker that have no emblem 4* in their defense team ?

Most of them look stacked emblem wise, there are only a few where just a couple of heroes on the defense have emblems. Most are lvl60/70 (I’m 72 myself) so probably have a good roster.

One attacker that was lvl37 and low emblems and no 5*s on their general defense team.

Could be tough matchmaking plus bad luck? I feel like I should have won one at least :slight_smile:

I think the matching system match opponent base on something like “top 10 you most powerful 4*”
(As I say before)
So, the attacker will be players at your 4* level. Because you have some +20 4*, the attacker will always have some +20 4* too.
But your defense have no emblem, so it is easy for the attacker.
If you have to attack the defense team similar to your defense (with your +20 4*), do you think what is % the your will lose ?


I just had a look through the guys I fought, they all had max-emblemed tanks and strong troops.

I guess I’ve moved up into a stronger tier of opponents without noticing.

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