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Hello, my player level is 34 and I lost this account on my Android. After the last update, somehow my account was overridden with a new level 1 account. I am under the correct profile on Google play. I tried it on a different phone and get the same level 1 account. Before that, I was able to link my lvl34 account to iOS (old backup iPhone). So I still have access to my account on the iPhone but not on my main Android phone. I can’t link it by generating a code either because it gives me the error that my account is already linked with a Google play account. I have submitted a ticket and the response was to log into my Google Play with the correct profile and it should show up. But I am on the correct profile and it shows the lvl 1 account :frowning: They also said to contact Google, which I did, and Google redirected me to SGG since Google says they can’t recover my account.

Please help me recover my account on my Android. I have spent lots of money and time into this game. Got Vela and Jean-Francois HOTM and don’t want to lose this account. I can provide receipts if needed. Thank you.

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Yuck, that’s frustrating.

Unfortunately, working with Support is the only option. :confused:

The Forum is for player peer support, so none of us can help with account issues, as we’re all just fellow players.

I’d suggest replying to your ticket again with more information on what you’ve tried so far, and seeing if there are additional steps they can recommend.


Thanks @zephyr1, I replied back to their emails to see if I can get further assistance. It’s the weekend so I’m anxiously waiting so I can continue playing on my main phone.

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No problem, wish we could do more.

I think it’ll likely be Monday or Tuesday before you hear back, as they have limited staffing on weekends.

It’s fortunate that you at least have another device to play on in the meantime, but still a pain, considering it’s not your main device.


Yeah it’s an iPhone 5s :sweat_smile: Very small screen and uncomfortable to play on for long periods of time. Just hoping they can do something about my account!

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Well I got a response from Leon through support email. He said SGG doesn’t save any player profiles on their server. I call that BS. Please someone help me…

Your issue is that your progress is saved by itunes now and with android it’ll be saved in googles playstore.

I’d recommend to link your E&P account to facebook by connecting it with the social network to get access from android by connecting with the same facebook profile.

I tried to login to Facebook in the game with both iphone and android but still can’t get the right account back on android

Try this:

I went through all of those steps. Thank you for your suggestion

Maybe ingame support is your last bet now. I hope you’ll get it back. I would quit, if my account was lost.

Support is so useless :frowning: Still have not got my account back on the Android

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