Lost Account Saves

Hi, would anyone be able to assist me, any of the staff? I encounter issue where I lost my saves on Android but saves is perfectly intact on iOS. Could anyone be able to assist me to get the saves back on Android as I rarely touch iOS. I don’t understand how the system work deep down but the issue doesn’t seems to be that complicated, someone willing to take sometime to work with me to resolve the issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Unfortunately we cannot help on the forum with specific account stuff.

best thing to do is to #contact-support. Click that hashtag for instructions on how to do it.,

I have been trying to get help for my lost saves. I tried making ticket for support, they give extremely generic reply, without showing any willingness to work with me to resolve my issue, they show zero interest even though I have been extremely polite and patient. I couldn’t get any help there and I tried post here to see anyone can help me, and all I get is having my post closed and shove me back to the support ticket side.

On the support side, they will close my ticket without even explaining why it was close.

Is it how this company support work, constantly close case/ticket and just ignore it? I am extremely disappointed with the level of support.

OP: Lost Account Saves

FWIW forum users are players of the game, just like you. It sounds like you’ve been going around in circles trying to get help?

With no knowledge of your issue and assuming it’s to do with the game, opening a support ticket is the best way to get issues resolved.


Followed the link to your previous post and see Guvnor answered your query. :woman_shrugging:


I said in the post, that is what I did, I put information, I submit ticket, and all they do over there is copy/paste generic response, same response you will get from “Help Articles”. I look around to try resolve the issue, I don’t just sit and cry about it, but is not like I am a hacker and can change stuff I shouldn’t be able to. I have been going around in circle cause support doesn’t seems to want to help, I don’t want to go around in circle. Consistently getting pushed away and my ticket/post “closed” is not very pleasant.

I appreciate your reply, at least other players are more kind and willing to help other players, I can’t get the same feel from the support. Thank you for your reply. :bowing_man:

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The previous statement still applies…

NOBODY on the forum can assist with specific account recoveries… The ONLY people who COULD help are those at SGG support.

And no, I can’t help more than the previous advice to contact support… I’m just a player.

Edit: You can use the “search” function here on the forum (always a good first-port-of-call anyway) to search for previous “lost account” threads but they’ll all have pretty well the same advice in them.

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Really, I didn’t know this was a complete community forum with no SGG staff around or monitor it. If that is the case, then your right, this is a waste of time. the “SGG Support” are not trying to be helpful, I suppose they just don’t care is that simple. They just copy/paste generic response that can be found in “Help Article”, and then close your ticket regardless if is resolved or not, kinda similar to what you did to my OP. And sry I didn’t know there is a diff with Staff and Mod, but since you said you just a player, then yes, I shouldn’t have expected much. Thank you for your time tho. Unfortunately, no staff can help here. RIP~

There are staff here but they can’t look into specific account issues; that is all handled via the Support Tickets.

You should be able to say “no this doesn’t help” w.r.t the article help & progress the ticket further

But yes, all the moderators here on the forum are just Players.

Hi Guvnor,

Thank you for your reply. I would’ve hope the “staff” from SGG would help facilitate some kind of support and help when the “Support help desk” is not being helpful. Like I said, all I get is generic copy/paste response that doesn’t resolve my issue. And every time the operator respond it will immediately marked as “closed/solved”. I don’t know if is a bug in the system or what, but that is kinda ridiculous and rude. I am still having issue and is not getting anywhere to being resolved and my ticket just slam “solved/close” everytime they reply, I am sure you would understand that feeling and wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that kind of support/treatment either.

That is why I would’ve hope some staff or even expert veteran from the community can offer tips/tricks that can help resolve it. I don’t know how the system works but it didn’t seem that complicated to start with. All I needed was someone that care a little more and willing to work with me to resolve the issue. And so far I have not gotten any, I am truly disappointed with this level of support from this company. And here I was hoping to solve the issue and get a VIP pass, maybe I am glad I didn’t earlier.

It does suck & I agree that their customer service / support team could definitely be better.

I personally haven’t had any experience with lost accounts, hence the suggestion to use the search function to see what has been suggested previously.

Hopefully you do get the account back!

Thanks Guvnor,

You see, I am not unreasonable person, I try to be understanding and reasonable, like discussing with you, even though I know you might not be able to help me with the process, I still find it very calming and appreciate your kind words. That is what support needs, I don’t expect support to be able to resolve every issue, but at least show some heart into doing your job. I actually worked in a support/Customer service team before, and I swear if I did my job the way I was treated by the SGG support, I would lose my job without a doubt.

I did searched extensively maybe not as expert as you are on this forum since you are a mod, but the little research and small understanding of system/tech, I know what my issue is and it doesn’t seems impossible to resolve.

Basically, my saves was deleted on google account, the account is still there, but saves is gone, so whenever I logon to that google account, there is no way to load back my save/progress. However, I have used this google account and link it to iOS. Therefore my saves and progress are perfectly fine on iOS.

The SGG support operator was trying to hurry shut my case, saying there is nothing they could do, SGG doesn’t store any Google/iOS information, and I should look for them for help and slam “close” my case. Then I reply, I couldn’t use the iOS to generate a link back to my Android, so logic tells me there is a flag/marker stored on the SGG server/account ID that say this account has been linked.

So a very simple solution is just have a technical team look at it, reset the link on the Android, then I can manually generate the link and link back my Android off of the iOS.

Alternatively, it is obvious that the Google account try to connect to a SGG server/account ID that is different from iOS (which holds my correct saves). Then all they have to do is look into the account ID instance, and link it back up correctly.

I even look around here and on the internet to see if any veteran/expect have experience to change their Google account to connect to a different “Account ID” on the SGG server to recover accounts.

I don’t work their system, but I am a little techy, and have small understand of how things work, and my situation is far from “impossible”, but the support team with their attitude is making it extremely impossible. The amount of time they reply “I can’t help you further” and slam shut close my ticket is extremely rude. I don’t know how support attitude like that can survive. And I can even show conversation capture to show, I try to be very polite and respectful getting my point across. Like I said, I worked in a support/CS team before, I understand how to best work with customer to resolve issue instead of adding oil to the fire to escalate the situation.

I am extremely disappointed with the support, to think that I like the game enough that I was going to pull the trigger to spend money buying stuff, this is a gut punch and it is really sad. I was hoping some staff will take something like this up and help facilitate something.

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