Lost account please help

@Petri Can you help me PLEASE… I emailed on September 30th … I logged in to Google play and it gave me a new account… Name. Dan. Level 26. Alliance. Heathens of sparta. New account number. #. Please help

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I’m good thanks anyway

Hi, for security reasons, I recommend not posting your account identifier in public. Due to the high volume of support request, it might take us a few business days to answer but rest assured, all tickets will be answered! :slight_smile:

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Can you help me PLEASE… I emailed on September 30th … I logged in to Google play and it gave me a new account… Name. Dan. Level 26. Alliance. Heathens of sparta. New account number. Please help

I recommend not sharing your account identifier in public. We’ll try to answer each support request as soon possible, but due to the high volume, response times may vary.


I emailed you on September 30th about logining in on Google play for the first time… I am now a new person… I was on level 26, in an alliance, an elder, completed level 24, and killed a lot of titans… I need,my old player back… Please respond and tell me,how you can help me…

Dan, I’ve pulled all your posts here to this thread. please read up for Petri’s response. He replied on a couple of your threads.

You might want to remove/edit your account identifiers from the two above posts (so you can’t be hacked?)

I lost my account. How can i take it back ?

@onur, Let’s start with the ‘How it was lost?’ question.
(There’s one scenario that might have an easy fix for you. Anything else you’ll need to work with Small Giant’s support team)

I was hoping you’d see my message while I was still online. Here is a link to help you with your game recovery: https://smallgiant.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003726569-I-lost-my-account-How-can-I-recover-it-

The one scenario we might be able to help you with at the forum level is if you aren’t logged into the same game account on Google Play or Game Center.

Let us know how you make out!

Hi! Because of my stupidity (i didn’t write down the account id because I didn’t understand its importance) and a game lag (it was not able toconnect to Gamecenter from the beginning and than it just crashed and stopped launching at all) my girlfriend lost her account with more than six months of progress. Now I’m dead afraid. She’s going to kill me. I trust you guys and I’m believe that folks from the customer support will try to help me out but I just want to ask you if it is possible to recover an account without the right account ID with only regular account information and some purchase receipts?
Thank you in advance

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Not sure if tis is the way to tell about my problem but my not so technical self did not see an option to open a thread of my own…

I am also suffering a problem with my account…

Short story:
My original Android device fell and broke.
I bought a new Android device.
I installed Google Play using the same email adress as my previous device.
When firing up E&P the game asked me to download Google Play Games.
After doing so, Google Play Games wants me to create a new Player ID… but I don’t want that. I want to move on where I left off with the account that I already had.

I might be missing someting, but I can’t seem to find like an option to “log in” or “retrieve data” or anything like that. To me it looks like only option is to create a new account and start over?

(I have already sent the devs a message, but I tought it’d be useful to try and seek some information here)

And sorry if I’m posting this twice… apparently I wasnt authorised to post a personal message yet

Hello Petri.
My account is lost. I have already contacted the suport from a few days ago. How long does it take to process my problem?
I would be very grateful if I can play again.
Best regards

Can you help me PLEASE
I lost my account

Yes I lost my account too, can anybody help? Tried the helpdesk but was of no use at all

Sorry to here that… Don’t worry you are not alone! I lost my Account and All the progress lvl 27 and base lvl 15!sent them a suport ticket and see what they can do! Gosh this is the third time! Last time started from scratch, spending $$$$, hopefully they will sort that out for you and me!

@Petri I have emailed support multiple times, am getting no where. only 1 response. Really need to get my issue fixed. Be glad to take the info into a private chat so i dont post any info here, or email or whatever but this is getting old quick. Thanks in advance.

I lost my account is why I posted here, sent all my information to you all, just need a resolution.

Witam usunęło mi się konto w grach Google cały profil i nie mogę się zalogować na swoje konto nick w grze Mateusz944 lvl 37 nazwa sojuszu… Waleczny team… Proszę o szybką odpowiedź

Moderator translation:

Hello, I deleted my account in Google games the whole profile and I can not log in to my account nickname in the game Mateusz944 lvl 37 name of the alliance … Brave team … Please quick reply

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