Lost account lvl 29

Hi. please help. i lost my account after trying to log in to googleplay after a notification that my account is not safe. Me and my wife are both playing with different game accounts but same googleplay accounts on different mobile. After logging in on my mobile i accidentally chose her account (lvl 30). Now i dont have any choices to load my progress (lvl 29) after restarting the game. I already created a ticket #159082 but if you have any suggestions to immediately solve my problem, thank you in advance.

@ayi - Just FYI that this forum is monitored by players and not SG staff. All details of your issue will need to be handled through a help ticket, which it appears you’ve already submitted. Sadly, there won’t be much help for your issue here :unamused:

Thank you for the reply. Hoping that the devs team can fast track the issue. Have a good day

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