Lost account help

Tried to switch my account to my new tablet. Lost my account. Who do I contact for help, Tried play store and that did not work. Someone please help I was level 70.

Tablet using Android?

How do I connect my game to the correct Google Play account?

If you wish to play Empires & Puzzles using a different Google Play account, please follow these steps to switch your account:

  1. Open the Google Play app
  2. Tap Menu . The name and email address of the account that you are currently using will be shown at the top of the screen
  3. Tap the Down arrow
  4. Then tap the account that you want to use . You will then be logged into a different Google Play account

Source: https://smallgiantgames.helpshift.com/a/empires-puzzles/?s=my-account&f=how-do-i-connect-my-game-to-the-correct-google-play-account-1598606867&l=en&p=web

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Samsung Galaxy tab 7

Tried several times did not work. Is there another way
I know my account name and number for game account

Have you completed the tutorial?

Yes I have finished tutorial

Then you have to file a support ticket, and realize that the company is largely shut down right now.

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