Lost account- help!

Hi all!

An alliance member has lost his account (now only his childrens’ accounts appear to choose when he tries to sign in).

After trying to log in several times, it appears as if he created a new account (a brand new village). Everytime he now tries to sign in with his e-mail this new village appears.

Note that we can still see his team in the alliance, war etc.

How can he retrieve his old account? Please help he is desperate.

Please see this:


Ok tried everything. Doesnt connect. The reply from support was that the problem was resolved but ot isnt. As the guy was very anxious he actually created another account, deleted the game many times, re installed it and I am not sure what else he did. Nothing can start his old village.

He needs to go through the tutorial again before he can change back to his old account.

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