Lost a World Energy Flask and then 20 energy after a crash


Please refund an Energy Flask and 20 wasted energy after the game crashed on me.

I used the flask so I could hit the last leg of Farholme and used the 20 energy…then crashed and lost all.

Hi @ErikVKing, welcome to the Forum!

Sorry to hear that, that’s quite frustrating.

The Forum is primarily for player peer support, so unfortunately this isn’t the right spot for this. No one on the Forum can help with account issues, since we’re just fellow players, and the Staff doesn’t address account issues on the Forum.

You’ll need to contact Support directly, here are the instructions:

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Thanks @zephyr1. I thought I clicked on the link and it took me here.

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You likely clicked on Report a Bug instead of Support in the game menu.

If you go through to the same menu and click on Support you’ll land on the Support website. :slight_smile:

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