Lost a raid that I was winning beverrat the game crashed... AGAIN

Raids, titan attacks, wars, whatever your doing, when the game crashes, the connection gets broken or your phone dies, you lose. Why? Why not pause the game or at least cancel the entire raid! It makes no sense at all to lose a raid because the game crashes!

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I assume that if the game cancels the attack, then everybody can use it to their advantage and logoff the instant they are about to lose.

Pausing the game (with a time limit) might be interesting aspect.

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This apparently isn’t a bug, however, sounds like new idea and feature request.

However, it would be a nice QoL, if the game can store temporarily the last state of battle before a lost connection, that read-only format can either be on the device , the server or both, and hence get restored to state as soon as the connection is restored, but then…wouldn’t it increase loads on the server??
Also it might bring up the question of time limits, Note that AW, tournament etc have timed durations.