Lost a bunch of gems

Lost gems can you help me get them back

Probably not. How’d you lose em?

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They just Disappeared I didn’t do nothing with them

@KLinMayhem is probably right. This forum is primarily for player interaction. If there is a serious issue on gems being lost, you’d have to contact support. I’ve provided a link below.

That said, we might be able to identify where they were used. Can you maybe paste your recent activity log from when they may have been list? That’s a starting point.

How to Contact Support (v1.9.7 onwards)


First check
Options … Support … Last Activities

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How to lose your gems in Empires and Puzzles:

  1. Summoning heroes and/or troops, intentionally or accidentally;
  2. Buying something at the Shop or on promo sale offers, intentionally or accidentally;
  3. Reviving when all your heroes died on certain maps or events before finishing a stage or level, intentionally or accidentally;
  4. Rejoining war tourneys after failing 4 times to defeat enemy teams within the week, intentionally or accidentally;
  5. Skip waiting on chests, intentionally or accidentally;
  6. Skip waiting on training heroes at Training Camps, intentionally or accidentally;
  7. Skip waiting on upgrading building/s, intentionally or accidentally;
  8. Skip waiting on research from various buildings, intentionally or accidentally;
  9. Editing your in-game name; or
  10. Bugs.

Did I miss something or anything?


Just set up a support ticket. As others above said, you probably used them on something silly like refilling your iron, skipping long training queue etc. These can get absurdally expensive. But only support can review your logs and tell you exactly what happened.


i think if you requested a refund from google play or app store, E&P will deduct the gems as well after a while and there were reported cases with negative gems


But don’t bother… you won’t get this gems back anyway…

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