Lost 850 Cups in 36 hrs

I have a very decent 4100 team,
most hero’s on my average is 800+ on defense,
4 of 5 are 5* , troops are at 17.all with a decent amount of emblems and about 3 maxed out.

How is it possible to get raided an lost 850 cups, mostly by 3200s teams? Not emblemed, with 3* troops??? I got raided about 35 times on 36 hrs ours. About 31 of them were under 3300.
Is it because I quit my alliance?

I really really think there has to be a bug or this game just got dark and truly evil going to ways to I guess make you spend money?

By just the powers of the teams alone against my team this shouldn’t be happening. You just can’t bring down a real tank with a BB gun.

I have spend hundreds of dollars in the past 2 years building this to be , I have always stayed in the 2100 cups range. Always raided by teams of my same size. How all of the sudden I’ve been raided and beat over and over and over by teams that are 3200!? Pleased advice le freaking fixed this cheating code or whatever it is or I will give up and quit all together.

That’s their defence team. It’s quite possible that they have much stronger attack teams and are cup dropping.

One raid an hour seems pretty normal

No. Why would that be a thing?

I’ve spent $10 and don’t experience any kind of prejudice by the game.

Again, we have no idea what team attacks us.

This all sounds within many people’s normal experience and nothing to do with cheating code.


Actually, ignore all that other stuff, just go win all your cups back :+1:


I could drop by 500 trophies in 5 minutes while fielding 4100 defense if I enter 2750+ trophy range.


I find that all defences have a stable cup level and of you push beyond this then you will get punished. My 4300 defence team ( I dont run my strongest team) has a stable cup level of 2500- 2550.

Any time I push up to the 2700 cup point I expect to drop 200- 250 cups in a short period.

If I have a bad raiding day and drop to 2400 my defence will win cups to bring me back to 2500.

To me it sounds like you were sat above your stable limit and were put back in place. Dont ever rely upon a defence teams power to judge what attacked you, colour stacking will allow you to take down teams much stronger than you are.

The funny thing is when I use my farm team with Vela tank and 3850 TP to drop my cup, 3 times it gained trophy to 2600 :laughing: :man_facepalming:

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Just another muted thread…


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