Lost 1 stage from the Atlantis /Hard mode?

I have maked Province 1-9 hard in mode. Now I’m on thr province 10/stage 9 - completed.
However, it shows that 98/270.
I have checked, can goo with loot ticket in all : province 1-9 and province 10 : 1-9 stage.
Where is it lost?


Since you do not need to pass one stage on Hard before trying the next stage on Hard (e.g. you can skip around, if you so choose), there is a chance you might have missed one.

I would suggest checking through all the stages (don’t need to play them, just the screen that lets you pick normal or hard mode) and backing out, see if you may have missed doing a hard stage with the Atlantis Coins showing 0/5 on the right side.


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