Loss of progress in last update

Hello everyone, I know that is not the way, but I need help because one of the leaders of my alliance network had a serious problem and we cannot receive answers from empires.
It turns out that in the last update the game when entering asked him to change the name of his account and in doing so he lost the complete progress of his account, being also the leader of the alliance, this hurts a lot and more with the time and effort put into the account I hope someone knows how to help and sorry for the inconvenience
and in the attached screenshots you can see what my account was and my progress and what it is now when I connect
do not restart or format or change the way in which I connect, just update the game as requested.
When I entered after updating, I got a box telling me to change the name of the account and then my progress was canceled. and log into a new account
I look forward to your response since not only is progress blocking me, but I am the leader of the alliance and it is also affected

2 weeks ago we tried to resolve the issue and we did not get a response, he connects with android, I did not format or change or anything, simply the new account was associated with the mail he always used and his progress was deleted

Are you sure the linked email addresses are the same? I accidentally made an alt account when trying to load the game with a different email address active. Else…

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if they are the same

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