Loss of Mana


In several recent raids, during attacks with gem damage only, multiple members of my team would fill their Mana bars to activate special skills. When I would use one special attack, the others would go from ready to use special should to needing the Mana bars filled again. This has cost me several raids since I attacked in such a manner to have multiple members set to use their special skill at the same time, especially healers. I know all I lost was cups which in all reality mean little of nothing, but it’s extremely frustrating especially since the system makes getting accenssion materials painstakingly slow. I spend money on this game because I enjoy it but your changes to make everyone basically equals coupled with the difficulty in getting material (especially from Titan victories, the rewards are rediculously lackluster and the cheats are worse) is quickly making this game unbearable.


Tell me, did the enemy team have a LiXiu or Carver or similar on it? These heroes steal mana every time they fire…it would be very frustrating for you to continually lose mana, but that’s how these heroes work.


Don’s a pretty experienced player, I highly doubt it’s because of Li or Carver. That doesn’t actually match up with what he’s saying anyway he’s saying when he goes to fire multiple skills at once it disappears without having sent gems and given them a turn.

I had the same issue pre update Don but after the update it seems to have stopped. Wish it wasn’t back again. Did you email them ?


Thanks…I don’t know everyone as well as I should. :blush: