Loss of items

How come I “loss” a bunch of items for Ascending my hero. I was ready to Ascend 2 of my heros, and noticed that I am missing poison darts, as well as some royal tabards. I know I have not used them, as they are pretty tough to find.

Have you checked your Activity Log?

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They shouldn’t be possible to consume in groups smaller than 6. How many of each seem to be missing?

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Looks like 4 and 5 each . Which makes no sense.?? Like they just disappeared??

That makes no sense indeed. I know of no way to consume less than 6 at a time.

I would definitely submit a support ticket on this. Make sure to point out that you believe you are missing less than 6 of each 4* AM, so it shouldn’t be possible. If you can give them an approximate time when the items seem to have disappeared, I suspect that will help a lot.

Here’s how to submit a support ticket:


Make sure to pick the “Support” button, not “Report a Bug.”

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