Loss of emblems on my maxed hero's

This morning i logged into my account and found 3 of mt maxed emblem hero’s back on level 18… where i know last night before logging off the were maxed fully, this was for the following hero’s Sartana, Neith, Vela, only Telluria stayed at level 20… this now is costing me also my raning as regard to trophies and in my alliance… Sorry but this is not done if changing something without informing one directly, i have always kept everything by the rules… , id like an urgent answer as to why this happened, and no i did not reset anything nor any hero’s…

Send in a ticket to CS. The forum players cannot do anything about your post.

Send in photos of your account plus do a detailed time Line.

Including photos of your Activity trail. If you had just pushed emblems on those heroes, it will be reflected in the Activity trail.

Then wait for someone to go through your account.

Hi all, i dont see how you can lose 2 levels on your heros, unless you reset all, i didnt, and in activity log there is nothing as regard to my emblems been updated, changed or what ever, just to be clear…

and creating a tckten is like creating a rocket to go to Mars, hardly any correct links or infor as regard to this…

think all E&P wants is me to give out more money to get the levels back of my 3 heros, but as for now i cant even enjoy the game

Use the support chat feature.

Options 》 Support 》 Support 》 there is a message icon at the top right corner.


Maybe last night you forgot signed in your google play account?

Hi all, sorry, i was signed in … these Hero’s had the emblems on already since jan 2021… at least… so thats no excuse, and i always sign in on Goggle Play… it pops up each time i log in

No player can help you on this issue. You do need to contact Customer Service.

I can feel your aggravation but there’s nothing we can do to help you.


i know no one here can help, but am sure there are ppl from & devs on here reading this, ive lost now close to 1500 emblems due to this issue, it cost me 1 year to get them maxed, now i need to start all over, sorry Empires & puzzles this is BS… ticket was/is created, all you get is auto answer that it will take time, ppppfffff

Their Customer Service is not prompt; never was.

I can’t tag a moderator for your issue cos it can only be addressed by CS.

It’s now more aggravation for you cos you need to wait for someone to answer you. Hope they answer you sooner.

In the meantime, do the best that you can under these unpleasant circumstances.

Even if they read this, they will still need you to contact support. They need your account id to check the issue but account id shall never be posted in public like this forum as it can lead to account stealing.


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