Loss of Battle Items

Anyone else lose battle items? I just crafted 10 timestops, 10 tornados and 10 harpoons while farming Atlantis Rising. We had a new Titan appear. I took my timestops, tornados and harpoons. I use one of each per flag. I went into the second flag and it shown I only had 4 timestops and 4 tornados but harpoons still shown 9 (even though only take 5 go to fight). After using my 3 flags, my inventory still show short those items. Any bug out there stealing my battle items? Help?

I’m crafting more now to replenish stock.

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I can’t tell from your post if you’re just seeing this behavior, where your Inventory doesn’t reflect items that are assigned to a team (which is normal):

Notice the Harpoons in Inventory drops to 45 when assigning the item:

If that’s not what you meant, then I’d recommend you contact Support to ask them to investigate.


Thank you for the input. Definitely not the first. I’ll contact support.

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