Loss of ability to have Mercs


Dear Devs,
The new update has prevented the ability for players to drop into alliances to help with Titans, known as Mercing. In one foul swoop you have ensured that people will leave when they cannot progress against high HP Titans, you have removed a way of people socialising, and taken away one of the most enjoyable ways for some people to play the game. Reducing Titan flag cool down time is not the sop you appear to think it is
Yet again, you screw the game in order to make more money. Do you actually read or listen to your players…or just the few who whine the most. Shame on you


I will also point out here that while yes, I agree that rewards from mercing were higher than from alliance play (Not that either were great), there were other ways of fixing this and leaving the merc style gameplay a viable option.

For example, the two ways mercs won out over alliance players were titan rewards and titan wanted chest rewards. By implementing a timer on the titan chest (five days, the time it takes for an alliance player to usually fill it, provided no titans escape), the wanted chest would be made fair to both alliance players and mercs. Also limiting titan rewards to one reward gained per day would limit the benefit mercs gain from what they do, but allow those who merc for social purposes to still continue their gameplay style.

Love, from a player who is quite happy as a regular alliance player, a non-merc.


The new changes for alliance joining is going to fundamentally change the way people play this game. Mercenary players, of which there are many, can no longer play the game in the style they enjoy most. Many smaller alliances rely on powerful mercs to join near the end of a titan battle to finish it off, otherwise it will escape and no one gets the loot. I am happy to have a shorter alliance energy refill time but that new perk will be rendered useless if the titans we fight escape anyway because we cannot seek the help of mercs. This was a poor game change and should be reconsidered.


Well I think mercing was not a good thing for the game for 2 reasons.

  1. Loot. People could kill more Titans per day, to get more loot. Also they could get wanted missions faster and they give even better loot than the Titans. Titans are an alliance effort. You work together and get reward. Why should you be able to jump alliances to get more rewards.

  2. Ranking. Like I said, Titans are an alliance effort. The alliance gets score from kills. Using mercs messes this up. Those alliances get higher in rank, without improving themselves. You wouldn’t let a soccer team take extra players on the field either to go up in Fifa-rankings, would you?

In my previous alliance I was really annoyed people left to merc and then come back with less energy for our own Titan. Then when we couldn’t kill our titan, we took in random people to help kill it. Now that alliance is rank 1. Not saying that is the reason they are no 1, but that stuff happened.


It’s a bad choice all around to block Merc most are at a stand still because they can’t go any further til you add more land or provinces or they can’t find the items they need to ascend. You have not only shut them down but now you have shut down new clans from growing and learning about the game I get you are trying to make it fair but you are also " biting the hand that feeds you per say " a many people would have left this game including me if not for them but they are always there " where are you" I and many many others big and some just feel this upgrade was wrong could you please try to figure out a way to fix this I will hang around for now to see what happens but now with so many of us with our hands tied it’s no fun now my money spending days are over now I have no reason to make my team stronger anymore thank you for your time


Wow…you really didnt get the point did you.
Firstly…Titan loot is crap…most mercs have high level teams, and don’t need the loot, rubbish as it is.
It’s not about the loot or the alleged Alliance score…it’s about the way that people play the game, how they socialise and enjoy it. Many small alliances will struggle , I’m sure yours wasn’t always so awesomely high level…and people will leave.
The point is that this is nothing to do with loot or Alliances…it’s about the money pit that the Devs have created…and still continue to try to squeeze out of players. I think it’s called biting the hand that feeds you!


Well said Ari, I usually get to hit a Titan twice in my alliance… per choice… so the other team members with smaller teams can get their fair share of hits = loot , leaving me a sitting duck for hours on end with nothing to do in the game … as all other energy takes ages to refill as well. Why can’t I make myself ( and my flags ) useful for those who can benefit? I made a lot of friends this way and it was the most enjoyable part of the game .


Technically, there IS loot (provided the players hit it at least once), it’s just not as good as it they killed it.


Ranking. Like I said, Titans are an alliance effort. The alliance gets score from kills. Using mercs messes this up. Those alliances get higher in rank, without improving themselves. You wouldn’t let a soccer team take extra players on the field either to go up in Fifa-rankings, would you?

^not sure why this was posted twice in my post, can’t edit it out so please forgive me :slight_smile:


Well said Loorts :slight_smile: That really was a bad metaphor.


Yes rook , I know, but if I can make the same damage in two hits as others in 6 … why not let them get higher titan score and better chance of better loot … as part of alliance, you work together and support each other . Ranking doesn’t have any benefits, but the community and the support we give each other as players makes this game special… well it did … Doesn’t matter if you merc or stay put in an alliance, if you use merc help or not … the being hung up on technicalities is not the point … we all have our grumble at this aspect and that… at randomness aka fairness of it, but that never sucked out the fun for me … this however is a complete disregard for , I dare to say, a big proportion of players in the game , that enjoy the social aspect as well as staying competitive. You can hardly help with advice to new players or alliances on gc , but I believe that’s a different discussion


I was answering a technical question to Faebell only. I’ve posted elsewhere my displeasure of the removal of the Merc system. (I’d like to know the rationale behind it–whether or not I’ll agree is another matter–to see if I can live with it.)

Please don’t assume my position just because you haven’t seen it yet. :worried:


I’m sorry, it wasn’t personal, it is just upsetting that the technical aspects are taking the attention from what I think is the bigger issue… there is a lot of good suggestions of how to fix the 'extra benefits ’ of mercing , I sincerely hope they will be taken into consideration, but if that’s not done soon , we will loose a lot of friends and will not make new ones very easy. A game is suppose to be fun , not a drag on time and wallet only …


Mercs are a vital part of this game. They allow us to have an alliance full of new players, take them under our wings and still defeat Titans. It’s a shot in the arm to the new guys. Going into global to find mercs has lead to fun online friendships; those friendships keep us playing. These mercs are also heroes in their own right. They’re the guys new players want to be. They’ll spend money getting stronger to become one. The paltry Titan rewards earned by the mercs pales in comparison to the money they bring and the dedicated players they help create. There was a gap in the game and they filled it. You’ve shot yourself in the foot on this one, devs. Please reconsider.


Amen Livluv. I hope they reconsider this major change to the game. Mercs were–I believe–a natural and evolving part of the game ecosystem, and I heartily hope they bring it back.


I am in an alliance that rarely uses Mercs, but the previous alliances I’ve been in they have been super helpful not only for helping take down the titan but giving advice and helping other players. BRING back the Mercs.


Thank you for that clarification @rook !


I have read a lot of posts on this issue–some against merc-ing, most for it. Personally, I have done it and I feel like it made the game better. I have ideas about how to improve it (namely improving loot for those who do more damage on a titan–this will encourage players to focus their hits on a single titan and therefore stay in their home-base alliance).

But I’m not posting to talk about how to “fix” anything. Instead, I really want to know why it was thought to be broken. Everyone was allowed to do it. Therefore no one was at a disadvantage.

Now, if this was not about making the game fair for all players, but how to monetize. I’m in business, so I understand. Personally, I was likely to make another purchase in the next week or so, but with the changes to the game in the past couple days, I doubt I will.

A comment to the developers: I really have enjoyed playing this game. The purchase I made in the past was easy to justify because I do feel like you have made a great game and I’m sad I can’t purchase more. I am more than happy to provide feedback on the game or offer monetization strategies. Please feel free to reach out to me. Coppersky is my alliance leader if you want to vet me.


Can’t say more than what’s been said except LET THE MERCS ROAM!!..they r one of the best parts of the game


Well said lesa I really hope they change their minds