Losing to much trophies

Look at the picture and tell me how that is possible


Can you post your defense team… you may have made a mistake and put up a weak team and got taken.

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Lol. Still >800 is ridiculous :joy: no matter the team

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I’ve lost way more with a cup drop team, so yeah.

But he went to Bronce level so he wasn‘t on high cups before (maybe 1200 or sth?) I thought in this lower area you don‘t get raided so much. I was proven wrong

I wish… i can’t drop that much if i try…

You do have to get creative to make it work right. Maybe a couple 5* that are about halfway to third ascension. I never went all 3* heroes…too obvious and desperate looking.

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He is my friend on the alliance

Pretty decent amount of iron and ham plus the healer is right up front in the center so easy kill. I would hit it 10/10

Edit: AND the healer is a squishy Sabina.

Hmm, normally that team power should keep you from falling below 1500 or so maybe? I see placement problems though. An underleveled healer as mid begs to be raided. If going with those 5 I would probably place them in this order: Hu Tao - Magni - Gormek - Sabina - Colen.

Need to level that healer though.


Looks like he accidently switched his defense team to something else. Check which team is set as defense.

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It was checked by him… the team was always the same… hmmm

Right, but everyone has 5 teams now. Only 1 can be set to defense. Sometimes you accidently touch the “defense team” button on the wrong one.

Maybe it was that … but it really pity … ufff

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