Losing Mana after healing

I keep losing Mana after healing my heros. Has happened many times. Just tired of it happening in raids. I can deal with it on Titan but it is getting old now. Needs to be fixed

Who are you facing in raids? Screen shot the last people you faced where this problem happened.

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My thought was, if the healers activate their skills, they should lose the mana, right. This is specially true if the team being used for raiding is a team of healers. If all their manas are filled and activated, it would be natural that all of the team will lose mana to zero. Other than that, I don’t see any other logical reason.

I get this. But I should not lose Mana from a different hero that was full before I used a different hero’s Mana.

Can you replicate that scenario. Please post a video or several screenshots for us forum-readers be able to figure out what’s wrong with that.

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