Losing interest

The forum seems full of complaints on access to rare ascension items. My love of the game has hit a wall. I have multiple 4* heros and a couple 5* ready to ascend and can’t get items. My frustration has turned into a lack of interest. No where to go because I can’t seem to grow my team. I have yet to see a satisfactory explanation or response from small giant. Anyone else losing interest because they have hit a wall?


I think several people share your feeling. I continue to hit roadblocks when it comes to pulling good heroes and the materials needed to ascend them. The wall is real.

The reason for my continued interest is that I still have heroes that aren’t done yet, and I just barely get enough materials to keep leveling them. Occasionally I get a new hero or that last rare ascension material I’ve been waiting on forever, that gives me a new project to work on. I also enjoy the wars, helping my alliance and watching them grow. In spite of the stupid low rates of pulling decent heroes from summons, there is always TC20 to fall back on. And every so often a quest pops up where you can get that one unfarmable AM you’ve been waiting forever for.

Ironically, the struggle is part of what has kept me playing for as long as I have, out of spite and stubbornness. And I believe that is by design.


You just have to find a reason you want to play and have fun. If you can’t, there are thousands of other games that would love your business. Small Giant doesn’t owe you an explanation or response. If they can’t make a game that keeps you interested, they lose a customer.


Frostmarch started today :slight_smile:


Just saw that. If only there was a way I could do it like… 9 times… (really need scopes) :grin:


I wish that also i need capes lol


I need both actually. Have a stuck 3/70 Richard and a Miki who is soon to be stuck. :confused:


Need 1 cape for athena final and then everything for miki final lol

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Ohh, you’ve got Athena, nice. :+1:

At least you have enough scopes for her. You’re doing better than I am. I had plenty of capes, but I used them all on my 4* blues.

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Pulled her in atlantis and had been stuck on 3.70 since lol

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Based on your roster I’m going to guess your main team is around 3500 - 3600? After playing two profiles for 2 years I came to the conclusion that the game is really fun at the beginning but when you get into that middle part where your team(s) are around 3500 it becomes frustrating.

However, if you can be patient and persevere, you may find, like I did, that it becomes more fun again as you grow your roster.

Some very long term players eventually do hit a wall and need to decide where to go with the game - take a break or quit.

Good luck!


I’m pretty much stuck at 3600 myself, but that doesn’t mean I’ve hit a wall. Because I’m not just leveling 5 heroes, I’m leveling 30 heroes (minimum). For me, it’s not enough to have one team at 3600. I want 6 teams at 3600. That keeps me busy while I’m waiting for the rest of what I need to get my main team up to 4000+.


I completely feel this. The game is getting monotonous and boring. Why the hell should we continue to play or give our money to a company when we’re getting stuck at one point? And don’t give me the RNG and Luck pep talk, it’s useless. There’s absolutely NO REASON to pay money for gems in the hopes of getting a HOTM or any other 5 star just to watch them sit there at tier 3. WE ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH UPGRADE MATERIAL!!


Then don’t pay money.


I’m getting sick of this game, and I’m not the only one. There are a lot of players that have spent money on gems to gamble on getting the HOTM, or any other 5*. Then that hero gets stuck in limbo because nothing is dropping the correct amount of upgrade materials for 5 star heroes.

Titan and war chests are the biggest of the jokes. You’re whole clan has to participate in them and when you finally get to open the chest, it gives you garbage. That’s a slap in the face!!!

I don’t want to hear about RNG. I’ve played some of the heaviest RNG games out there and have always done better than this. The bottom line is that the percentage for 5 star heroes upgrading material is programmed in TOO LOW. It needs to be fixed.

Who else has 5s that they can’t upgrade because of this insulting BS? Why are we spending our time and money on this game when we could go to any other game that doesn’t treat us like fools?


I’m F2P. And those are my AM.

Stop spending so much money and you’ll see. Materials add up pretty well with 5* heroes.


I am with you, I agree, the odds for pulling basically anything good are pretty bad (at least for me? some people get good stuff all the time? not me…)

Just don’t give them money!

I won’t give you any “pep talks” about luck and RNG. I have come to accept my crappy luck. Doesn’t mean that you have to.

I think many people feel that right now, the game is catering to the big spenders. Probably is. That’s fine, if that’s where they expect to get their revenue from. They lose a few small spenders? No big deal as long as they still have big spenders. They start losing big spenders too? That’s when they’re going to have a problem, that’s when they’ll be forced to listen to the customer.

Vote with your money. :wink:


Not that they owe me an explanation, I am just looking for a way to share my frustration. I am certain they use all sorts of computer simulations to base decisions on for their bottom line. Just curious I guess how many others share the frustration.

You guys are complaining that people buy a bunch of 5 star heroes and can’t ascend them, then also say the game is catering to big spenders? Those statements contradict themselves. The slower trickle of ascension items for 5 star heroes is the only thing that keeps this game from being pay to win. The little guys don’t get left in the dust.


Sharing you frustration here is the best way. Then again, if SG responded to everyone complaining about MATS and unfair RNG and bad boards and raids and etc., they would never have time to make new content.