Losing food / lost food

(Subject in case others are looking for the same thing – I did a search and can only find old stuff.)

Can someone tell me how it’s possible to lose food in storage (not watchtower) while adventuring or raiding?

Three times now for sure (I’m starting to pay attention and write it down every time now, of course, but didn’t before), I’ve definitely come back from regular WE fights or raiding to find that I have thousands of food less than when I started. I’ve started taking screenshots, but haven’t managed to catch it at that moment when it happens yet.

This last time I went from 712K down to 679K. And this one was coming back from a revenge raid I won — and apparently garnered 22687 food minus several thousand. I had to go back into my watchtower to check, when I saw the lost food.

Anybody able to elucidate? Is there something about this game I’ve never noticed since I started playing six months ago??

Did you use rerolls when raiding? That is the only way to lose food, other than of course using it for training or crafting or leveling.

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Nope. I use them so rarely I didn’t think of that, but no. Thanks!!

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