Losing alot of alliance members

due to lack of interest. Not complaining-making an observation. When asked, alot of them feel bored as well as gameplay is stagnant after a certain level. I must admit, I’m level 26 and fighting the same feelilngs.


Thanks…I was just reading up on this in the “updates” section…I’ll spread the word

I swapped alliances and got into fighting harder titans… that helped a lot.

Well well my dear friend Brobb looks like my ideas about the number of players of the alliance and hero roster matching come alive. I think that my posts, where you always disagree with me in these aspects make an effect. After I said" go back to work SG " I have to say right now" good job". Looking forward with improvements and leaderboard for wars, and a way to increase the skill and strategy needed.

I’m sorry: I don’t remember you. I certainly do not think it necessary to use the number of alliance members and the power of top heroes for war matching, though, so if that’s what you advocated then I would certainly have disagreed with you. I think Titan Score has worked well.

I don’t see using the number of members of an alliance as a big deal. I think it’s unnecessary but I don’t see any problematic implications. I’ll be interested to see it implemented.

Using aggregate power of top heroes for matching is very problematic because of the potential for gaming the system and for introducing bad incentives. I’m heartened by the fact that SG have only referred to ‘top heroes’ and have not specified whether they will look at top 5, top 15 or top 30. So long as this stays opaque then many of the most serious problems should not manifest themselves. It remains unnecessary and I don’t think it will eliminate the massacres players complain about, but I’m open to seeing how it works.

I’m happy to try it out before passing judgment.

Wait to see what’s happening too. You’re right, titan score works well, but only for the top alliances,where you don’t find 20 vs 30 matching and all players are active and attack titan regularly. This new rule is for the masses too. My alliance is not so experienced and have a lot of beginners, but we do a good job on titans, that’s why war was always a pain in the…for us, being match up with stronger guys in terms of heroes.

I understand. Im level 30. Lately im bored. It takes way too long to do anything without spending a bundle of cash (which of course may be deliberate, but not conducive to keeping players). It just gets boring waiting. Then doing anything else is too hard because the heroes are not leveled up, if you even have the good ones. Matchups are heavily weighted for the spenders. Ive spent hundreds on this and still need lots more. For those that cant afford it its even worse. It leaves a bad feeling either way. Many members i know are talking about quitting and i find myself focusing on other games instead of this one. Too bad. I loved this game.

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