Losing a raid lost 148 cups, next win earned 120

This is a difficult one to explain, but essentially i logged on and pretty much immediately went to raids to fill my chest (needed 20 heroes), at the time I was in diamond, but not by much and went on to win the next 4 raids, returned to base to claim my chest, only for a pop-up to tell me I’d lost a raid (presumably the raid was ongoing when I logged on) and been relegated to platinum arena - I hadn’t done the maths at this point but thought it odd as I’d started in diamond and won 4 in a row. I then fought another fight to get into diamond to claim a better chest, and upon winning the raid for nominally +13 I ended with 2514 cups.

I assume this was an error to do with the order of calculations - the computer had worked out what cups I would be on if I lost the raid and couldn’t cope with the fact i had won 4 in the meantime. By looking through my watchtower and back calculating, I believe the following happened:

What the game thought happened:

  • Started with 2435
  • Lost ongoing raid -41 went to 2394 relegated to platinum
  • Won the next 5 raids (43, 33, 20, 11, 13) ended with 2514 claimed chest

What I saw:

  • Started with 2435
  • Won the next four raids (43, 33, 20, 11) to reach 2542
  • Returned to base where before I could claim the chest I lost a raid for nominally 41 points, but it took me to 2394 cups (i.e. -148 cups) and relegated me to platinum.
  • Won the next raid for nominally 13 cups, but it took me to 2514 (i.e. +120 cups), where I claimed the chest.

Since I didn’t really understand what was going on until afterwards (assuming I do now), I don’t have any useful screenshots/videos.

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