Losing 35 raids in a row regardless of power level

Im not spending anynore gems amd you are losing a player that paid. The raid system is defective. No possible way one can lose 35 raids in a row regardless of power level opponents. The game is being un installed. Check my payment history. Your loss. Fix this bug.

And i agree with the special power leveling issue. Ur random draw is off, geared toward making us pay more. Spent numerous gems packs, $100 and did not get natalya. What a joke. Didnt even receive 1 5 star from the $100.


We’re these 35 in a row defending the watchtower? Or did you lose 35 in a row attack raids?

Just curious really. I could see maybe the former, but the latter could certainly be fixed.


I know raiding can be a bit frustrating at a certain level, but once you get more leveled heroes to pick from and can adapt your attacking team per opponent, it gets way more easier. I usually double up on the tanks strong colour (so 2 blues when Ares is tank) and make sure to take 2 dispellers if the opponent has annoying buffers (like alberich or riposte heroes).
With 35 losses in a row, you might want to consider your tactics aren’t working right.


Even with bad tactics unless the set up is just so over the top bad that it is impossible to win, should get a lucky cascade filled board in there somewhere and steal a win or two one would think


I’d love to see what team you had to use to lose 35 in a row.

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Customized team. Usually a double opposite tank color. But sure, let’s play that. Against a red lead with high hp, tier 3 kiril, tier 3 perseus, tier 3 gormek, tier 3 rigaard, tier 3 wu kong. Lol nice try. I know how to stack and had 1750 cups down to 1200. I also know how to pick my opponents.

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Btw, my power is 2750. And i just lost 36 and 37 to 2500 amd 2600 power.

Obviously you’re doing something spectacularly badly: we just need to figure out what. Can you give us more information, please? What teams are beating you up? Are you remembering to use your specials? Do you have any troops? Help us understand.

#1 suspicion: you’ve set your defence team to something dopey.

Troops are average level 5 to 7. I lose to everyone. Seriously. Bad boards guys. I havents had a chain in a long time. It’s not really worth complaining, just irritating. Its random leveling itself out. I couldnt lose two days ago, but i have a team and tactics to explain that. This is literally just every chain is bad. I wish i could show you. I have tons of 4 star reserves low level. But i swap out my tank busters higher level. I dont battle 5 stars either. Lol. Or korshek the green lizard. Or any perfect riposte

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I dont run a second team. Same team. Same high power.

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If you’ve lost 37 in a row, something is wrong. Matching self corrects, so you’re facing much, much weaker teams now than you were 20 losses ago - and you’re still losing?

We might need some screenshots to figure this out.


Just so I understand: are these a mix of attack and defence, or all one thing?

Yes, still losing. Its crazy. Almost comical now. Using the same tactics to get to 2750 cups and the same rules, i wont battle heroes i feel im weak against, and still losing. Just lost to brodon and hammer wielding blue hero 3 star as the tank. 2 four star players against 4 4 star, leveled and one 5 star, levelled. Got crushed and couldnt even damage tiberus because the board was so bad again that nothing drew his entire side. It keeps happening.

Mix. I gave you my team id use against a gormek tank. Id only swap kiril

I just won one. Barely. 2500 power.

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Forget about power - power is grossly misleading. Trophies are the best proxy we have for team strength.

At least now that you’ve won one we know that there’s not some crazy glitch making you lose. I’d still like to see some screenshots to reassure myself that there’s not something obvious going wrong with your team. In particular, I’d like to see your defence team.

I guess we could theorise that you got very lucky the other day, and are now facing opponents better than you as a result, but that still would not explain 37 consecutive losses. It might be impossible to do that without deliberately de-powering. You’ve dropped at least 400 trophies - probably closer to 800 - and you still don’t win? Something smells very bad.

It will be very unsatisfying if we can’t work this out.


A possible issue and one that I’ve had, if you have duplicate heros, it is possible instead of a fully levelled hero, you put in a 1^1 hero. That could lead to some losses

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I have zero duplicates.

Brobb, i told you my team. Its the boards. I also check, or know, specials before taking on a team. And the ones i fight have had differing trophies. Sometimes the same, most times lower.

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