Lord Loki's endless brawling hitting?

Raiding with my LL, I’ve noticed that after copying Baldur skill, if he can keep his HP boosted, LL continues to punch through that every-turn-hitting, even after other heroes’ skills have been copied.
Did someone else noticed that?

I believe this works as intended, as I also have Lord Loki and had tried him before against a Baldur on defence. Is there a problem with it?

I personally think it is awesome. Probably others would scream for “NERF,” but whatever, I hope they would just deal with it because it doesn’t really break the game. Lord Loki is really dependent on the enemies’ special skills - his Villain Swing on regular map enemies is lame. :laughing:


No problem at all!:joy::joy::joy: But I just wanted to be sure that was an “it works as intended” behaviour…an amazing behaviour indeed!:wink:


Yeah, as long as the brawler buff isn’t overwritten, I think it works as intended on Lord Loki, even if he copies another special skill.

As much as I want to enjoy the discussions here, those people who always advocate for nerfing other heroes take away the enjoyment of reading topics on forums like this.

Anyway, happy gaming to you! :grinning:

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So…maybe it’s better to go with a “shhhhhhhh!” approach :joy::joy::joy:
Happy gaming to you also, and enjoy togheter our endless brawling lord of deception!:wink:

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Well if the automatic hits keep on going although lord lokis health is not boosted anymore, then it is a bug.

Otherwise it works as intended, because baldur says “blabla hits enemies as long an health is boosted”

So of course loki might stack some different effects on him. For example Baldurs automatic hit and Yang mais attack staples.

With further progression of the game loki might get better when new heroes come into play.

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