Lord Loki vs 12*+ or Mythic Titans?

Has anyone tried Lord Loki against a 12*+ Titan? Can he mimic the Titan attack with DoT at the same damage? For instance, 13* Fireblade Giant’s DoT is 2232/6. Since it’s a flat damage value I’m curious if Lord Loki also applies the same 2232/6 against the Titan. If that works I want to try him against a Mythic!!!

no, the DoT damage is scaled to Loki’s attack stat so it will get reduced alot

Scaled??? Has anyone tested this against a high level titan? Just curious. The scaling doesn’t make sense because it a flat damage amount not a % damage increase. If what you’re saying is true then he doesn’t actually mimic the special.

DoT is always scaled based on the attack of the caster.
you can try it out

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