Lord loki special skill is blocked when hero is blocked

When a hero is hit by Alfrike once, his mana is blocked. Next time i use Loki on any hero that is under Alfrike spell, Loki acts as if he is under alfrike spell. If enemy mana is blocked, what does it have to do with Lord Loki copying his original spell

Because mindless attack replaces the skill. And since MA is a skill, Loki copies it


When Alfrike’s effect is active, “Mindless Attack” becomes that heroe’s Special. That’s what they do…so that’s what Loki copies.


alfrike speciall doesn’t say that; so technically this is a bug…

Same thing here…


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Since I have neither of these heroes, this topic just made me laugh. Surely this can’t be intended, but it’s still funny. If I had them both, though, I’d be confused the first time it happened and pissed every time thereafter!

it aint fixed, it ain commented, it s just ignored


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You answered your problem with the first picture you posted.

Vandas special skill is mindless Attack. This special skill reads like that: deal damage to an Ally.

When you copy that loki deals damage to an ally.

Some explanation of what mindless Attack is…

First of all its a status effect, because of that it can be blocked by heroes like Vanda, grazul… And nothing happens. This is also the reason why you have a symbol on the target and why mindless attack can be cleansed.

Like every status effect, mindless attack does something. Like the status effect burn gives burn damage.
The status effect mindless attack changes the special skill of a hero into the special skill mindless Attack and the status effect also automatically triggers mindless effect (the special skill) when the mana is full.

The new special skill reads like this

You can see here, the hero has a new special skill. If he fills his mana he will use his special skill like every other hero, using a special skill will reduce his mana to 0, it can be dodged reflected and whatever another special skill could also do. That is also why loki if he copies someone under mindless attack will hit on of his allies, he copied a special skill that says hit your teammate.

So no, lord loki doesn’t copy a status effect. He copies a special skill that is generated through a status effect but that doesn’t really matter for him.

Edit, just for some more clarification about Alfrikes special skill:


and that’s exactly what it says: the hit opponents get a new speciall skill for 3 turns which does ‘this’… NOT
thx for your input @ferg; you did not convince me; that ‘cast’ can be an explanation


anyway, it’s ok; just another flaw of the game; live and learn :wink:



I have both and even though I knew Loki copied the mindless attack, I still did it to myself twice. If it had been anyone but me, it would have been hilarious. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have done it too. Lol

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