Lord Loki Second Special

if a hero that possesses special Mindless attack for eggzample Madea. if she uses her special first followed by Lord Loki towards the same hero. Lord Loki’s special shouldn’t backfire on him instead his second special Villain Swing should activate.

with Lord Loki you’ll get what is active in the target the proper moment you are using him. this count for villains, Ninjas, Magic family

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i understood what you said dont take this the wrong way but you repeated what i wrote. if i removed my question and placed your comment it’d be the same question.
Let me explain
Lord Loki’s Villain Swing can only be activated when I’m farming because most enemies in most stages don’t have a special skill that can be copied other than the boss.
when it comes to Raids, Tournaments or Wars there isn’t a special that cannot be copied Unless the enemy hero is under the influence by way of Alfrike, Kullervo or Zocc’s Mindless Attack and that’s the whole point.
Lord Loki has Villain Swing for this very reason but it never activates when the time is right for it.
Instead, upon losing my special by not paying attention that all enemies are Under The Influence and the attack backfires on me or not using the special at all because there isn’t anyone to attack with everyone being Under The Influence.
it becomes stagnate and all i can do if Lord Loki in this scenario is the only hero left on my side is wait for the effect to wear off and hope that the enemy doesnt get to use their special first towards me and Win the match.

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There are 2 heroes that can’t been copied and he’ll activate Villain’s swing: Lord Loki, and Kalo. Otherwise, he is just copying whatever special skill the target has. There’s no reason to make an exception if the target is under the influence of Mindless Attack.


ok thank you ill check that out finally i can see the swing in action.

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