Lord Loki Sand Empire sand damage

Using Lord Loki against sand empire foes. The thing is the sand damage doesn’t match up. The card of the enemy said 884 damage over 4 turns. The actual result was 79 damage per turn over 4 turns. That seems like a poor copy. What am I missing?

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Out of curiosity, which sand hero is that? I can’t think of one that does that much damage. Dot is also influenced by attack stat and troop bonuses. Lord Loki may have a lower attack stat.

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It was stage 16 advanced. Didn’t take a screen shot. I will on the next one.

Oh… PvE bosses are a little different. I thought you were talking about PvP. I think that many times you’ll find some weird differences when it comes to the map bosses than regular heroes.

The second shot shows Loki giving him 79 damage per turn

Isn’t damage over time (like the sand damage) dependent on the attack stat of the caster? Gafar has 4K+ attack, much higher than your Loki so the DOT is higher.


Hmm ok ty. I guess that’s the answer.

Read Lord Lokis card.

It says it copies the special as if its his own, meaning based on his stats.