Lord Loki S3 enemy?


I used Lord Loki to copy the special skill of the enemy. It states what the damage should be however it isn’t the same and is much lower

Post more screenshots.

In case of Lord Loki damage from copied special skill depends on Loki’s own stats (attack power). Absolute sure what stats of Loki and this enemy are not the same


Its a specific value, it shouldn’t be based on his own attack. He copies the enemy skill and thats 267 burn damage over 3 turns and 267 poison.

I’m not sure why you’d need any more screenshot, lokis skill was activated, and I’m showing you the status effect that was then placed on the enemy

I understand the initial attack % would be. But not the DOT figures, they aren’t % they are values

DOT is still based on attack stat, which is why it is influenced through levelling up and adding or removing emblems to attack.

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Same as Gravemaker, Klarissa and etc - more attack = more dot

I see where you’re coming from now thanks. It reads wring to me though, thats the enemies skill is that it inflicts those set damage values, and therefore that’s what should be copied, the value not a percentage of it in my opinion

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