📯 Lord Loki – New Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/ Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Come on, he is already plenty powerful, he has to have at least one very small downside! Just don’t use him for events and farming

Just faced a Lord Loki can confirm he turns everything Blue/Ice.

I had fired Mitsuko so had blue reflect up and provoked Lord Loki. He targeted Mitsuko, the animation of a fan from her special was blue instead of red and Lord Loki exploded, my team took no damage.

I thought I had seen videos that are in line with what you said @Nymeria but I watched this very carefully in my battle and he clearly turned Mitsuko’s special blue.

Those are basically two different skills that don’t overlap so I don’t think it’s unreasonable. Either 350% or 420% would be a better balance damage for him considering what he already does. Average speed with no side effects, still the worse sniper in the game though.

I’ve recently maxed him with 18 emblems and found one bug concerning the Dots.
Against green heroes we can see the extra damages on the initial hit but not on the Dot.
The Dot is always the same whatever the color of the ennemi.

Tested a few times with GM. Always the same result.

Have you the same result ?
Thx :wink:

Isn’t that always the case?

No. Whenever GM hits green heroes or Clarissa hits yellow heroes, their DoT deals more damage to them.

Good to know. Thanks.

I almost have him to 3/70 and I take him on every raid I can, being Able to ‘choose’ your super is awesome! Can’t wait to get him maxed!

Skadi is the only hero I solely rely on to win matches… Pretty much guaranteed win if she fires, other heroes are simply there to keep her alive to fire.

Similarly I can see Lord Loki giving guaranteed wins against teams with certain heroes like Alfrike.

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That is incorrect…if her blue reflect is up…he dies (depending on his HP) right after he fires because he is a blue hero that does damage to 3 targets as he uses her skill…

He still puts blue reflect on allies before he dies tho

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Wjat it in the bugs section if that’s the case, it’ll get remedied pretty quickly

Which is why she’s a specialised hero, you need to build a team around her and she’s quite technical to use

I tried him in raid attack, now he’s 4/45. All I can say is he’s really fun to play. Loki is a very unique hero, and his ability can make some fights easier. I fighted an opponent with Vivica and Azlar. My team was in a bad state, so I copied Vivica. Later, I copied Azlar to make a lot of damages. I don’t regret my scopes !

I fought a zulag tank and a stally team just now and she was giving me trouble because my board wasn’t giving me yellows. I was in a pickle until I realised the enemy had c vivica. Let’s just say the tables were turned immediately when lord Loki fired


Here is a fun Lord Loki raid:


What is the difference between special skill level 1 and 8 for Lord Loki?

Just the % of damages of his villain swing.

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I love the Loki! He is just fun! Running him through different stages check out what he copies and having a blast. Looking forward to leveling him up all the way.

got him, i find very fun to use and possibly going to be a regular in my raids. i really like he can be whatever you need at the time, even reviving heroes.

only thing about him is that when using you should consider what heroes killing among opponent’s: some may turn out more useful if kept alive! it takes some real planning ahead (that to me adds more fun).

eventually, some hero that makes you want to play, allowing that bit of strategy honestly lacking in the game right now.

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It’s an Amazing hero and very fun to play!!!
He is a game changer but he has the following flaws:

• He copies the selected enemy ability but not the enemy’s power (you use your own HP/Attack/Def).
(to clarify if you copy Telluria - which is my favorite, you copy only hers ability. If Lokki is at 3/70 level and you copy Telluria 4/80, you will attack like a 3/70 Telluria)

• In the beginning of every attack, you must strategically prioritize which enemy to copy and which to take out (usually you try to copy all the slow enemy heroes first and attack before them with your average speed).

• If you kill the heroes with special abilities then you loose the Lokki advantage of copying specials.
(The worst of all is to face a very powerful enemy team with with mediocre abilities/buffs/effects)

• The last is that no matter what color enemy hero you copy, it turns the effect to blue (ice) since Lokki is blue.


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