Lord Loki copy Mindness Attack while there is a taunt on ally

From @YukimuraSanada video

At 10:53

At 12:08

When Lord Loki copy Mindness Attack, C Krampus’s taunt protect him but C Krampus don’t receive any damage. Normally, hero with taunt will still receive the damage from Mindness Attack from other ally.

This is no bug…

LL copies the mindless attack which is on the selected heroes at the time he copies it…
if mindless attack is applied it will be copied - as the original special attack from this hero is blocked at this time…

If the question is why Krampus don’t receive damage - I don’t know but maybe because the Taunt says:

  • The Caster gets Taunt that prevents enemies from using Special Skills on the caster’s allies for 3 turns.

Anyway, it would be better to select heroes to copy who are not mindless ^^


In fact, from that description, taunt shouldn’t protect Mindness Attack because Mindness Attack is casted by ally not enemy. So, as you can see the description isn’t 100% correct.

The thing that I think it is bug it that why C Krampus don’t receive damage.

In normal case, Krampus will receive damage when ally cast Mindness Attack. So, this case have something bug.

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No bug ^^

Because LL copies the Mindless attack from opponent
So this mindless attack is counted as attack from opponent and LL can’t get damage because Taunt is on…
why Krampus get’s no damage I don’t know, but maybe due to the wording:
prevents ENEMIES from using Special Skill to casters allies

and as it wasn’t the enemy who used it but LL he doesn’t take damage…
Or maybe the protection is wrongly coded…

Maybe you need to issue a support ticket…

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Yes, this part have no bug.

Here is where is the bug might be. Krampus should get damage as in normal case.

So, I tag “contact-support”. Hope this bug will be investigated by staffs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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