Lord Loki asks "WHERE ARE THE TILES!?"

Is it me…or are the tiles not being given to power Lord Loki’s skill to be used before he dies more often than not?

My Loki is fully emblemed…geared towards shield…with the 2% mana addition and a 30 mana troop…

Essentially that makes him a fast hero…(don’t @ me…I know he’s average) but that SG algorithm makes sure my tile count and placement is not supplied somewhat consistently.

More often than not other average 5* heroes on ANY team I create (with Loki) get the tiles before Loki.

This has been observed for 3 months now

Please chime in for those who have him and if you don’t have him…please comment on your experience fighting against teams that have him.

Just to be clear; you believe there is a specific algorithm that prevents blue tiles appearing when a player uses Lord Loki?

That sounds very useful, as you can then stack another colour and win more easily because there will be very few blue tiles.


I have Lord Loki in +9 and I’m able to release his special without any problem. Obviously, there are times that the blue tiles don’t appear, but it happens with any colour.

Maybe you’re just unlucky.:man_shrugging:t4:

EDIT: Lord Loki is an offensive hero. I wouldn’t put him in a defense team due to her randomness. The only time I used him in a defense team was in the last 5* bloody tournament.

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This game has very strange effects on people’s minds… some shrink should base their PHD thesis on this subject…



The trick is to take Loki and 4 Red hero’s and basque in the glory that is more Red tiles. Autowin every single time. It’s amazing.

Sometimes you just have to used these imaginary things to your advantage


Is not just for Loki. Depends on what team you have.

If i use 3 blue and 2 purple. Blue and purple tile don’t show up on the board and by the time they do my team is dead. Same happens no matter what colors i use.

A video from yesterday. Is not made for this topic.
I will make one for this one after work.

We have a topic for the standard conspiracy that team influences tiles, which I don’t believe and have seen no evidence for.

This topic specifically states that Lord Loki affects boards.

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Apart from the usual dry spells that due to the random boards everyone will experience I have not had issues getting Loki to unleash his special. I take him on 95% of raids I do.


A while back there was firestorm related to boards being the same in beta as they were in the real game.

From this firestorm, it was pretty much proven that team composition does not affect tiles you get. At that time, folks in beta could begin a raid, see what tiles were there, switch to the live game, change their team, and get the exact same board.

If tile distribution was dependent on which heroes you chose to bring, this bug would not have existed.

Disclaimer: The bug was fixed within 24 hours of being reported on the beta forum. How long it existed before that post is anyone’s guess and not relevant to this discussion on tile distributions.


I have a theory that there are now so many things in the game that influence the boards that they just cancel each other out and the boards end up random. SG need to look into that and fix the problem. I need to rely on my colours not showing up!

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That only works if you are a f2p whale living in the United States of Russia and stack all colours simultaneously. And you have to be an SG shill who gets constantly censored.


Well, the board is random as long as you don’t have predefined configuration appearing every time. Question is whether the used distribution is random uniform or some other distribution function.

But I never noticed any bias. Keep in mind my team relies heavily on Skadi who is also ice, but it was just random and unbiased. Sometimes you have tiles, sometimes you don’t. Of course it is more noticeable when you don’t.

Then again, I don’t have Lord Loki. But I wouldn’t be too surprised if this would be true. Loki is just troll like that.

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Loki is Jotunn. But he does have an infinity tile :thinking:

I use Loki on all my raids and he gets to fire in most of them. Can’t say I’ve noticed a lack of blues on a consistent basis.

Surely Lord Loki affects it all. He’s a Lord after all :laughing:. Lord of tiles.

I’m content to conclude that no specific hero affects the randomness of tiles.

We still have a thread for general board rigging conspiracies if people so wish to chase that particular red herring.


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