Lord loki and Rumpel

Used Loki on Rumpel. Got 3 stars. But the symbols showed good stuff for the enemy and bad for me. I couldn’t tell if it was a visual bug or if it really went wrong. Anyone else run into this?

Some Screenshots would help, or a little bit more explanation. Who get exactly what? Who else was in the team?
When loki copies the star special from rumpel, the enemy should get def down and you should get Atk+

They got the plus attack and I got the defense down. At least that’s what it looked like. Their team consisted of Rumpel Domitia Telluria Elena and Ranvir. Sorry no screenshots. I’ve never done that.

Does any of yah allaince members have rumple that can do a friends battle on.

Even try a danza or new hotm see if somthing odds happens then.

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I think I remember something from when Loki first came out reports of using him vs Jott and blue tiles getting weakened instead of strengthened. Might just be imagining it. But sounds like possibly related issue.

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That’s how it should work. When jott is in the deff, his special skill is to weaken the tiles. Loki copies that. I think with the last update they changed the wording on jotts card.

But really interesting thing with rumpel. The biggest problem, he is not on many def teams, so not easy to reproduce.

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