Looted Bandits recruiting

Active alliance seeking fellow E&P addicts to perform simple tasks such as: hit the titan when in the game! If you join in war use all flags or opt out… basically kill everything! Except your wallet…

If interested reply here, look us up in game, or contact our fearless leader… Line ID: marie92576.

Thanks for the interest so far and welcome to our 2 newest members!

8 spots are left so come check us out while you can

Another win in the books. Congratulations to my fellow people.

Come be a part of a laid back, international growing alliance. We are starting to take down 10* titans with relative ease, and are welcoming members who are still working on their rosters and teams, as well as nurturing the jaded vets among us.

Bandits on a roll! Welcome to our newest member, and what a way to bring him in :blush:

7 spots left and counting, if you think you can hang with some fun, mature, laid back people… give us a holler!

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