Looted Bandits Line ID: Poolrat5

Recently created a brand new alliance yesterday! We are looking for active members! That are willing to grow! I am also doing a give away. After we have 12 members in our alliance, and after the 30 day mark if you have used every single one of your war flags, I will do drawing with everyone’s name in it that have met the requirements and I will record me drawing the winner and post it in my line chat and on youtube, and I will personally venmo the winner or use cashapp if preferred! We currently only have 5 members but we are trying to reach out to and get as many as possible please give us a chance and check us out, if anything add me on line! hope to see as many new people as possible! Join the Looted Bandits, because we are out here robbin and staying looted we will win every war and destroy every titan for the best loot possible!

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Good vibes for forever!

@Kira981112 would you consider joining us and giving us a chance!?

@Poolrat I’m actually recruiting for other members or alliances to join us.

We are the Winterfell family and one of our sister alliance would be up for a merger, but it would be another alliance absorbing into out sister alliance - Kings of Winterfell.

Is this something you would consider? Would love to chat if this is an option.

Here is our recruitment page for more information: SPOTS AVAILABLE, JOIN A TOP FAMILY ALLIANCE - The King of the North / Winterfell family

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