LOOTED BANDITS FHS/TSS 4 spots open 14* Titans, 4500Tp, 120k weekly average titan hits, tank rotation, Line app needed, Contact: Line ID Marie92576

12/13 * Titans
Voted tanks in rotation

15 maxed 5*
Level 17+ troops
100K + on the Titan a day
Line app highly recommended

Contact: Line ID Marie92576


Thanks for the interest so far and welcome to our 2 newest members!

8 spots are left so come check us out while you can

Another win in the books. Congratulations to my fellow people.

Come be a part of a laid back, international growing alliance. We are starting to take down 10* titans with relative ease, and are welcoming members who are still working on their rosters and teams, as well as nurturing the jaded vets among us.

Bandits on a roll! Welcome to our newest member, and what a way to bring him in :blush:

7 spots left and counting, if you think you can hang with some fun, mature, laid back people… give us a holler!

Bandits are on the prowl again, this time looking to fill up with the 5 remaining spots we have. Give a holler or look us up in game… couple questions you might have during your inquiries:
What’s TFG?
We are part of a collective, dedicated to helping each other and participating in fun, competitive challenges. Whether its helping each other tackle nasty titans, or flooding top global spots in cups, our family is here to accomodate.

Wait what’s Bandits 2.0, thought you guys are Looted Bandits?
Yes we will always be the OG Looted Bandits! Because we are so kick ■■■ we won a friendly contest where the winner gets to name the loser’s alliance for a week. Much fun was had, congrats to all the winners, and happy trails to the new version :wink: Just inquire for more details.

Spring time is here… come get your titan slaying, war mongering, elusive hero summoning sprung with us!

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Join Us & be supported by the Family

Due to RL We have some movement coming up so take first dibs when seat are available straight after war with LOOTED BANDITS TFG

We’re apart of the Titan Family Guide a strong conective family of 10 Alliances

We’re Active E&P loving friendly adults who work together in perfect synergy to conquer our goals .
Semi competitive we hit hard in our War and on our Titans . We all put in maximum effort for the team but we don’t lose sight of the fun aspect of the game .

We laugh, we cry we joke and chat off topic , we’re just a cool bunch of cool mums & Dads even if I say so myself.
Most of all we’re War and Titan ready and ready for you to join us .
If your wanting to join the Family that you can actually enjoy yourself whilst kicking butt. Read on ! !!!

We Are Offering

A home @ Looted Bandits one of the the TFG Family Alliances

  • Friendly and chatty with varied experience so you’ll fit right in
  • Daily activity on line app with dedicated chats for specific needs Titans, Game help etc
  • We help and advise on growth and hero usage
  • We Slay titans 11/13 *
  • We Run Coordinated War Strategy with War Tank Rotation & Harpoon groups


  • 10-15+ maxed 5* heroes maxed 4*/5* heroes, lvl 17+ Troops

  • Defense Team of 4500+

  • Daily Activity in Titan hits - Minimum of 100k per hit on the titan called “Kill”

  • Full War Flags used when opted in War

  • Line Application mandatory for better communication
    A sense of humour

    **If you are interested

Reach out on Line app to MaddogP or Marie92576


4 SEATS to fill right now for the prospect candidate enquire your interest inside

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Lots of interested on line app and fb , spaces are going

On 2 seats available Welcome our New Recruits Tazz and Mrlolzalot

1 seat available Welcome Manny to the team

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