Loot:wrong error message? Please correct

I accidentally hit the leave alliance button and immediately rejoined. I realized my 12-hour titan button was now messed up, and I realize you are actively discouraging mercs. But my loot was reduced too and said that I can’t hit more than one titan in 20 hours. I didn’t. I hit the same titan! Can you please see if you can do something since it was a simple mistake and since the error message didn’t apply to me? Thanks.

Hi @EQB, and welcome to the forum. The forum is basically just players like you and me. SG staff do read posts and occasionally comment, but no one here can help you with individual account issues.

Your best bet is to submit a support request. Here’s how to do that:

I’m sure there’s nothing they can do about loot on a titan that’s already been killed. But if you stay calm and friendly, they might be willing to help you out with a flask for the next titan. NOTE: I’M NOT PROMISING THEY CAN OR WILL BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING (I don’t work for SG. I don’t know what their internal rules are, and I’m not in a position to promise anything). But that’s your best bet.

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