Loot Transparency

Did a quick search but haven’t found anything.

I would love to see more transparency for chest loot (raid, monster, titan, war) as well as Titan loot in the way we already have it for Tournements.

For chests we have to pay gems in order to speed up the progress therefore i want to know if its worth it before i use them. This is misleading for new players as they might think it is a good idea to use gems on chest speed ups.

There is a ton of volunteer data gathering in the community but still we don’t have any fixed numbers shown for titan Loot tiers and Stars. It would encourage to reach the next Starlevel aswell as reaching a higher loot tier. While older players already know most of the mechanics, new players don’t.

So overall please be more transparent with your Loot RNG otherwise it is misleading and difficult to take a qualified decision for players in terms of time/money investment.

I am pretty convinced this would benefit veteran players as well.

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