Loot tix question


I am 4000 exp points from next level. Usually, I whittle that number down by farming lower provinces, but now I think that may be costing me loot.

Rather than using my last seven flags with a loot ticket win in province 23, can I get my exp points down to say 100 and then use 6 loot tix in a 6-flag province?

If all the flags produce wins and I then claim the loot just as I do now, will the game award me all the WEP flags? I can’t see the game stopping after the first auto-win to award the next level, but…?



You get the next levelup after claiming the loot. Tickets dont bypass levelling.


That works just fine. I get my xp as close to the next level as I can get, wait for world energy to refill, use my other flags, then blow all my world energyin one go on a high level province using loot tickets for maximum returns.


So, the question is how the underlying mechanic works. Either it will run all the attacks the loot tix provide, then the loot will be awarded, next the loot wiil be claimed and, finally, the level will be bumped up with whatever awards that leveling provides OR the game wiil recognize a level has been achieved between the successive attacks and deduct the WEP flags for the attacks made after the exp level was surpassed.



Thank you.

Seems so easy, but